Franchise Opportunities

Help Us Expand The National Reach Of GISFW

We offer many exciting opportunities for franchisees. With more than 40 studios open, GISFW is established as a proven concept that works. Every franchisee has access to our customized training, technology platforms, and world-class support systems.

Two Paths to Ownership:

Individual Franchisee

Individual franchisees purchase the rights to open and operate a GISFW studio in a particular zip code, which would be defined as the “territory”. These franchisees would typically be “owner operators” of their studio, devoting full time efforts to the growth of their business.


Multi-Unit Franchisee

Multi-Unit Franchisees purchase rights from to open and operate two or more GISFW studios in particular zip codes, which would be defined as the “territories”. These franchisees would act as owner operators of their first unit, but would typically hire managers to assist them in running multiple units.

Make Your Mark

The map below shows our current clubs in North America.
Browse the map to find an open area for your future gym, then contact us to get started.


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